Thursday, December 27, 2012

Waz' fortune cookie inspiration

Winter Solstice 2012 (12/19/12)

All I am arises with my very own thoughts.

A red cross-grain ribbon left over from a gift-long forgotten,
a bright pink lipstick, too chicken to wear, the hum of the dryer.
The clutter on my desk distracts me
Sleepy but the words of this Poem will keep me awake
Until (unless) I let them spill out onto this page.

“All I am Arises”

All I am arises with my very own dreams
If you had asked me when I was
Six years old what I wanted to be
When I grew up I’d have said
“The President of the United States”.

It never occurred to me I couldn’t until
Someone told me so.  Well since I’m not
“The President of the United States” 
you may guess the impact that information had on my dreams.

All I am arises with my very own desires.
A lover once told me I wanted too much. 
Love, passion, family, home, friends, fun, adventures, intimacy, the salty spray of the ocean in my hair
Pretty much broke my heart in two when I realized he was not the one for me.
I wasted so much time with someone that doesn’t even deserve to speak my name.

All I am arises from the depth of my soul:
A fierce heart of a mama bear
Fairy wings of a butterfly
Strong tail of a hump-back whale and
Roots, trunk and branches of a redwood tree.

I am ALL that arises
I am all

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dance as if

Installation November 2011
Dance as if
your Life depends upon it.
Make it a performance of a lifetime
the audience is you and you alone.
Don't hurt yourself
but dance as if
it is the single thing
that will save your Life.

Step onto the dance floor
as if you are entering a
No wound or illness too
grave to be healed.

The salve is your own
sweat.  Dig a little deeper.
Drop the exterior
hard candy shell coating
and let your chocolate center

It is the filmstrip
of your Life.
You get to pick the background music
and turn the knob
to the next frame at the beep.

And when you get to
a part that hurts,
heal it;
or a part
that is joyful

When you're tired, Rest
in the valley of the
Catch your breath in the gutter
and rev up for the
next wave
of energy
to Live you up.

Rewrite the Parts that went
wrong and set yourself
on a path of Enlightenment.

Bask in the beauty of  your Uniqueness.

Know you are loved.
Know you are loved
because you love yourself
first and foremost.

Be your own temptress,
seductive and smooth.

Graciously in-vite yourself
to a table laden
with all that
will nourish you
mind, body, soul.

Recite the incantation
to the Mother
the Father

Feel your heartbeat to the

Annoint yourself
with the holy oil
take a sip of
the flowry elixir of inner peace.

Don't be afraid.

Set the world ablaze
Crawl inside a fur coat and
 purr, purr, purr.

Originally written 10/27/2011

Shift in Blog Posts

I have been randomly and more seldomly blogging but with a renewed energy I'm going to be posting some poetry I created during 5Rhythms sweats.  Exposing my innermost thoughts on the Internet is a bit scary, but I figure.  Why not?  Over the next few weeks I will post some poetry Ive done, along with photos from the Art Installations I've created to celebrate our holiest of prayers.  The Dance.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Step Away From the Light

Step away from the light
      Step away from the light
                             Step away from the light
   right now
Pass the shadows of twilight into the darkness of the new moon
Find the answers you seek in the dark
There are treasures worth facing the darkness
Don’t worry too much; the moon is still there, even if you don’t see her
The fact of the matter is, she is actually in your very own shadow.
Think about it
No, don’t think about it.
Take a hypodermic needle full of music and let ‘er rip.
Don’t forget to breathe
Don’t act
Follow whatever body part is speaking the loudest
Is your arms or your belly or heart?
Let it serve as your guide in the darkness.
You will know where you are without any light.
Lose track, be disorganized, in the end it none of this really matters, 
When we are under the ground or ashes in the wind, it will be far too late.
                             Step away from the light
                                Step away from the light
                                  Step away from the light

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 memories

In the days that followed 9/11/2001 there was not much known about what was happening or who was responsible for these horrific acts. My son was eight at the time and asked we stop watching TV and talking about it because he was so upset by it. He had just gotten a 2-wheel bicycle so I walked with him up to the school yard so he could practice riding. It was eerie because we lived very near Sacramento Executive Airport and - as in other places, no planes were overhead. As my son rode round and round in circles on the playground, one lone plane crossed the sky. I sat with my journal and wrote this. The date was September 14, 2001.

You can try to terrorize me
but you cannot take away
my freedom.

Your terrorist activities may strike
fear in my heart

but you cannot erase

my country's courage.

You may bomb, blow up, destroy
and obliterate buildings.

But you cannot bom, blow up,
destroy and obliterate

my home.

My home is my country,
it is in my heart
and even with my death
my country, my home will not die.

You may kill 1 or 10 or 100
or 1,000 or 10,000 or 100,000
or 1 million people
but you cannot kill
our love for our country.

We will fight with every single shred of resources we have and then some.
We will sacrifice our sons and daughters and grandchildren.

You will not succeed in
stealing our way of life.

You cannot take away the joy we have
watching our children taking their first steps
riding their first bicycle
kicking a soccer ball or
kissing them goodnight.

You cannot take away the cool delta breeze that blows through my front door.

You cannot take away our

You cannot make us hate you
so that we retaliate with war.

Rather we retaliate with peace.
... we retaliate with love.
... we retaliate with righteous justice.

You cannot wipe away my tears broken heart love for my family and country.

These things will be my medal of honor.

You will be nothing.

Friday, August 3, 2012

What can we really live without?

My current daily use beauty product list:

Absolutely cannot live without: jane iredale pressed mineral powder. “SPF 30”in Satin.1 in the wings, 1 for home, 1 for purse at all times.

earthscience herbal tonic mist –when I’m feeling dry and itchy, I love to spray the moisturizing and toning mist all over – especially before bed when I just want a little moisturizer.

john masters organics sea mist – sea salt spray with lavender.   USDA organic and a great way to get beachy wave hair without going to the beach, plus it smells like heaven

DeVita – Perfecting Time Age Defying Moisturizer – vegan and good for summer

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Night Lotion – don’t know why I need it at 52, but I do.  Works great at keeping those late-in-life blemishes under control, lasts for ever.

Four nail polishes (I polish my own nails and love the accent nail trend): 
·       Lancome “The Perfect Pink” – All time favorite for finger tips and toes
·       Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat – Antiqued Gold
·       Revlon Top Speed “Peachy” although a bit too neon for me. 
·       Nicole by OPI “Disco Dolls”  

Aveda Stress Fix Concentrate – Stress Relieving Aroma therapy.   I like it.  Smells good. 

The Body Shop – Bronzing Powder in 02 (fair matte) great for all over bronzer and contouring

Free UC Davis Health Mammography nail file – Have you had your mammogram this year?

Loreal Colour Riche Lip Balm – SPF 15 in 3 colors Caring Coral, Heavenly Berry, Tender Mauve ( I have 2 of each color!)

Traumeel, a homeopathic anti-inflamitory-analgesic.1 tab under the tongue, great for aches & pains. 

Band-AID – cool Cynthia Rowley  designer bandaids.  Sequins, gold chains, black lace.  Keep them away from the children…I would have forgotten about them but when I was taking photo Honey scratched me (not on purpose).

Cream color hand crocheted hoop earrings with tiger eye and amethyst stones bought in SF from street vendor near Ghirardelli square.

Ombre Rose scarf from dear friend Judy, a gift from her trip to Prague where she found she didn’t need all the things she thought she couldn’t live without.  

Friday, June 15, 2012

let go of Letting Go

Five days of excruciating pain.  Low back wrung like a wet mop.  Release, let go!

Deep water spirits hear my prayer, and shoot through me like a fire-hose…   A water healer prescribes a shot in the ass and bright orange light enters my solar plexus.  I let, go… I      let   go   ,  let go,  let       go

Lovely dancing spirits, call me to the healing waters to dance and bend and stretch with them.  “Come to the water, Let Go!  Heal with us!   Tell us, what does your body say?”

The heart connection with my tribelets, my dearest friend on the planet or stay home OR mend in quiet repose.  Tears flow through my broken heart.  What should I do?  A good night’s sleep and early morning is full of possibility….

Greeted by the day and a thirsty kitty, kitty wants w-a-t-e-r?  mmmmm-rrrrouuu-water?  I hesitate to creak down pick up the deep blue bowl.  My body screams” noooooooooooooooooooooo  Stay home.  Rest.” it tells me, “Let your heart break, let go of  Letting Go.”

With wings of a yellow-headed blackbird, I send you my news.  Let Go!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Baseball Etiquette

I spent this Sunday at the AT&T Park with my husband and son.  One thing I was struck by is the deterioration of baseball etiquette.  I’m dismayed by the deterioration of etiquette in general, covering your mouth/nose when you cough/sneeze, a man holding a door for a woman, a younger person letting an older going ahead of them in line, eating politely in public.  I’m not sure if it is due to the progress made in mobile devices, cameras, and social network sites that people have become used to instant gratification that patience and polite society may become antiques. 

However this rant is due to the absolute rudeness I observed and was a victim of this Sunday’s game.  So for those of you that get it, and those of you that don’t, here are some ‘good manners’ tips when you go out to a ball game.

1)       Forty thousand (or more) people want to get into the park, get food and get to their seats.  The age, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and (dis)ability is as diverse as it is going to get.  Be open and respectful to others.

2)      Especially be polite and nice to the oldsters.  More than likely they were baseball fans well before you were born.   Mowing anyone down with your garlic fries and microbrews so you can get to your seat 15 seconds earlier is rude but when done to our elders is especially rude.

3)      When finding your seat, look at your ticket.  If you’re not familiar with the park, check the signs for the best way to get to your seat.  A really good way to find out is to ask the ushers who btw are actually paid to do so.   You could tromp 20 seats / people to get to your seat on the other side of the row when you could have just walked up a different flight of stairs, but why?

4)      Does it matter if you are sitting in the seat printed on your ticket?  Well, yes.  Basically someone has paid between $40-$100 for a ticket.  The ticket gives them ‘dibbs’ on the seat.  They most likely want to sit with family or friends they came with.  IF you want to swap seats with someone, ask politely.   An example would be, “Would you mind moving down a couple seats?”  If they say no, lose the attitude.  It is their seat.  

5)      IF you sit in seats that don’t belong to you, smile sheepishly and move immediately.

6)      IF you come in late (past the 2nd inning), don’t expect those that get their early to be especially pleased you’re tripping over them during the middle of a play with your beer/dog/nachos.  Some people like to actually watch the whole game, this includes when the guy throws the ball the other guy is going to hit (called pitching).  (See 7).

7)      When is it a good time to leave / return to your seat?  Not during a play or when a batter is in the box.  Even between pitches.  Honestly.  Acceptable times are:

a.      Between innings

b.      Pitcher change

c.       If you can be quick about it or if it is an emergency, between batters. (Getting another beer is not an emergency).

8)      Don’t stand in the aisle way when you leave and thereby block the view of others. 

9)      I know there is a two beer per purchase limit.  I am not a teetotaler.  I’m also not that excited to have beer spilled all over me because you are tipsy. Really.  Know your limit. 

10)  Maybe you want to put sunscreen on before you get to the park.  Spraying sunscreen on you and your kids’ bodies that drifts and wafts over other’s food items (hot dogs, drinks, etc.) is yucky.

11)  Bring your kids to the ball park.  Teach them about baseball.  Can they understand what is going on?  Watch it on TV first so they know.  Maybe get them some baseball cards.  Play baseball with them. Baseball is a game of strategy and patience.  It is hard for any kid under 11 to sit and watch.  Be aware.  Keep your kids under your command.  If you’re going to drink beer and eat garlic fries and ignore your kids, give yourself a well-deserved break and let the kids stay home. 

12)  View obstruction (this is from previous games, not Sundays):

a.      Big Hats:  Everyone loves “The Cat in the Hat”.  Leave your big hat at home.  Even if you think it is cool/cute, you have to realize you’re really obstructing the view of the person sitting behind you.  You never know, but they might be height challenged.

b.      Same goes for big hair, babies in tutus, etc. 

c.       Tall people can’t help it.  But be aware who is behind you and try and understand they might not want to sit on the edge of their seat all game.

Many of these rules can be transferrable to concerts, movie theaters, grocery store, etc.  Basically the Golden Rule applies.  Always.   

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Enterprise Content Mangement

Enterprise Content Mangement
Conceptual Model
May 2012

I searched high and low for a conceptual model and couldn't find one.  So I created this with the help of some very brave and smart people. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

reverse engineered grocery list

Here is the haul from Sunday's Farmer's Market:

1 quart "Triple Delight" Blueberries
3 pints "Chandler" Strawberries
$8 worth of tomatos from the Tomato Guy - worth every penny
3 Artichokes
2 huge bundles of fresh chick peas
3 pounds of kale
2 heads of tender red leaf lettuce
2 bunches of rapini (gai choy)
1 bunch fresh carrots, complete with tops
Sushi grade Ahi tuna
Pork tenderloin
King salmon
Dozen Eggs

What I got at grocery store: 

Almond Milk
Sai Fun
Silk Soy Creamer
Chili Garlic Sauce
Lactose Free 1% organic milk
Organic Dark Chocolate Bars (73%)
Sparkling Water (Lemon Flavor)
Dark Chocolate Covered Raisens
Cereal (Oat Squares and Kix for the Kid)

Spring has officially Sprung and we're eating like kings and a queen!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Springtime Gratitude List

Grateful for my life, full of opportunities for me to be in grace.  I hereby witness those closest to me:

  • my hunky hubby of 21 years - my driver, mender of fences and lifelong companion
  • my son, if he lives like he plays "Settlers of Catan" he is a man to be reckoned with
  • my son's girl, with a heart of gold, so generous, she'll give you her last bit of chocolate
  • my borrowed daughter whose fortitude is beyond measure continues to inspire me; her sisters and mothers --   I couldn't have dreamt I'd have such incredible women in my life;  I couldn't imagine my life without them.
  • my in-laws who didn't mind too much I wasn't around for Easter Sunday partying
  • my mother-in-law and neighbor who took care of the unthinkable, with grace and love
  • my own family so far away, who still hold a place at the table for me on the holidays
  • my dear long-time friends:  for bracelets and eggs and save the dates and  children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and mermaids
  • my dance book club tribettes -- for taking a pause with me
  • my curiosity that found book of poetry... and myself amongst the dusty pages
  • my discipline for only buying $130 worth of fabrics  (yikes!)
  • my own courage to click the "Buy Now" button and be gone from my normal life for a week to dance and explore more opportunities for me to be in grace.

Gratitude to Julia Morgan and the Berkeley City Club for a wonderful weekend

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shadow and Light

The installation of a 5Rhythms event reflects the internal exploration of the work as well as provides inspiration to the dancers.  These works were presented to me in a dream state - both in sleep and during awake time.  Some inspiration came from the book "Connections: The 5 Threads of Intuitive Wisdom" by Gabrielle Roth - and the discussions held in our triblet's book club.

It is as much about the creative process as it is the dance, which dug deep in my soul and exposed parts of myself I didn't know even existed.  I was so enamoured this tribe that came together, I didn't want to wash off the sweat - my physical connection with them. 

5Rhythms dance isn't performance art.  You won't see photos of us dancing, but I added in photos of the dancers, to show the afterglow in their dear, lovely faces.  I hope this video is a marriage of the dreams, artwork and tight bond dancing for three days together will reveal to a person.

2012 March Shadow & Light

After my mom transitioned to heaven and my son went off to college I had a burst of creativity.  I've made many collages for Sunday Sweats.  I like to re-use common things in my art I can find on the street, garage sales, etc.  I have more plans for the drum and the door.  Look for it in our futures.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Finally, On Time

After arriving at inspiration, beaten down by the  dance journey and neurotic thoughts, I came upon this quote.
"Your journey has molded you for your greater good, and it was exactly what it needed to be.  Don’t think that you’ve lost time.  It took each and every situation you have encountered to bring you to the now.  And now is right on time."   Asha Tyson

For the first time, I am on time…. With three gifts: 

Grounded Feet
Fluid Heart
Open Mind

With gratitude and blessings to all that journeyed with me this week-end.  My heart is full of love with you.  -michey

Sunday, February 26, 2012

How I Gave Up Easter for Lent

Since our Artie started UC Berkeley this fall we breeze in and out of town with not nearly enough time to explore. Although I am new to using Groupon, when a chance to stay at the Berkeley City Club for half price came up I jumped at the opportunity.    A stay in a posh hotel (at half price), have a little weekend get-away and spend a little time with our son in his own environment. 

The Groupon savvy realizes that deals of this sort have requirements and restrictions. When I called the hotel for reservations, I found they were nearly booked up.  Fortunately there was one room left – the weekend of my son’s 19th birthday.  I thought, “How lucky for us.”  Gorgeous room with a view in Julia Morgan’s “Little Castle”, spend the weekend exploring Berkeley with hunky hubby and get to be with my son on his birthday.  Like a gift from Heaven!
Secretly, I realized our son wouldn’t be able to come home his birthday weekend this year.  He is busy with his studies and most probably wants to spend time with his friends.  This way we could have the best of both worlds.  A nice birthday dinner and he'd still have freedom to celebrate with his friends. 
Ironically when I made these lovely plans I. never checked the calendar.  When I finally consulted Pink Book I was in shock.  What on Earth did I do?  My son’s birthday weekend coincides with Easter Sunday.  My heart came to a full-stop.  For the past um-teen years hunky hubby and I have hosted Easter Sunday brunch – complete with egg hunt.   Oh my.  
2011 Easter Egg Hunters
Take a minute to go back with me in time.  Easter Sunday Brunch, eaten alone at a Jack-In-The-Box about 30 years ago.  A holiday spent alone without family, brunch or so much as a single Easter egg.  Decades later, I’m a little sad to not to uphold the almost 20 year Easter Brunch tradition. Am I holding on to the need for a 20 year tradition because I’m afraid of ending up alone?    So that is how I ended up giving up Easter for lent.  I have faith that this break in tradition will bring new hope and rich opportunity for growth. 
For info on Berkeley City Club go to: 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Listen for the music of the night sounds

Listen for the music of the night sounds.
The moon, our conductress of a late evening orchestra
Last customers leaving a late night bistro.  Hugs and waves and good night kisses. 
The clink of plates and glasses being cleared away.  The chatter of the credit card machine.
Purple pulsing music blaring out of a zebra striped gin mill,
  accompanied by the thick raspy voice of cigarette smoke.
A black cat scampers across the street.  Listen.  Can you hear her?
Cars with solitary drivers, headed home....... or somewhere.
Sprinklers shower rain songs in the park.
Stars twinkling, a light show in perfect time with the music.
The trees having tea, visiting, while us humans head into our beds
Their leaves and branches catch up on the news of the day.
Thursday Dance Moon
Our Conductress
The breeze brings news from far away lands, adding 3-part-harmony.
Soft breathing of a beloved, not quite snoring
Cats' Purr
Freeway Lullaby
Pen scratching on this page

Listen for the music of the night sounds.

Let the moon coax you into sleep.