Thursday, December 27, 2012

Waz' fortune cookie inspiration

Winter Solstice 2012 (12/19/12)

All I am arises with my very own thoughts.

A red cross-grain ribbon left over from a gift-long forgotten,
a bright pink lipstick, too chicken to wear, the hum of the dryer.
The clutter on my desk distracts me
Sleepy but the words of this Poem will keep me awake
Until (unless) I let them spill out onto this page.

“All I am Arises”

All I am arises with my very own dreams
If you had asked me when I was
Six years old what I wanted to be
When I grew up I’d have said
“The President of the United States”.

It never occurred to me I couldn’t until
Someone told me so.  Well since I’m not
“The President of the United States” 
you may guess the impact that information had on my dreams.

All I am arises with my very own desires.
A lover once told me I wanted too much. 
Love, passion, family, home, friends, fun, adventures, intimacy, the salty spray of the ocean in my hair
Pretty much broke my heart in two when I realized he was not the one for me.
I wasted so much time with someone that doesn’t even deserve to speak my name.

All I am arises from the depth of my soul:
A fierce heart of a mama bear
Fairy wings of a butterfly
Strong tail of a hump-back whale and
Roots, trunk and branches of a redwood tree.

I am ALL that arises
I am all

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