Thursday, December 27, 2012

Waz' fortune cookie inspiration

Winter Solstice 2012 (12/19/12)

All I am arises with my very own thoughts.

A red cross-grain ribbon left over from a gift-long forgotten,
a bright pink lipstick, too chicken to wear, the hum of the dryer.
The clutter on my desk distracts me
Sleepy but the words of this Poem will keep me awake
Until (unless) I let them spill out onto this page.

“All I am Arises”

All I am arises with my very own dreams
If you had asked me when I was
Six years old what I wanted to be
When I grew up I’d have said
“The President of the United States”.

It never occurred to me I couldn’t until
Someone told me so.  Well since I’m not
“The President of the United States” 
you may guess the impact that information had on my dreams.

All I am arises with my very own desires.
A lover once told me I wanted too much. 
Love, passion, family, home, friends, fun, adventures, intimacy, the salty spray of the ocean in my hair
Pretty much broke my heart in two when I realized he was not the one for me.
I wasted so much time with someone that doesn’t even deserve to speak my name.

All I am arises from the depth of my soul:
A fierce heart of a mama bear
Fairy wings of a butterfly
Strong tail of a hump-back whale and
Roots, trunk and branches of a redwood tree.

I am ALL that arises
I am all

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dance as if

Installation November 2011
Dance as if
your Life depends upon it.
Make it a performance of a lifetime
the audience is you and you alone.
Don't hurt yourself
but dance as if
it is the single thing
that will save your Life.

Step onto the dance floor
as if you are entering a
No wound or illness too
grave to be healed.

The salve is your own
sweat.  Dig a little deeper.
Drop the exterior
hard candy shell coating
and let your chocolate center

It is the filmstrip
of your Life.
You get to pick the background music
and turn the knob
to the next frame at the beep.

And when you get to
a part that hurts,
heal it;
or a part
that is joyful

When you're tired, Rest
in the valley of the
Catch your breath in the gutter
and rev up for the
next wave
of energy
to Live you up.

Rewrite the Parts that went
wrong and set yourself
on a path of Enlightenment.

Bask in the beauty of  your Uniqueness.

Know you are loved.
Know you are loved
because you love yourself
first and foremost.

Be your own temptress,
seductive and smooth.

Graciously in-vite yourself
to a table laden
with all that
will nourish you
mind, body, soul.

Recite the incantation
to the Mother
the Father

Feel your heartbeat to the

Annoint yourself
with the holy oil
take a sip of
the flowry elixir of inner peace.

Don't be afraid.

Set the world ablaze
Crawl inside a fur coat and
 purr, purr, purr.

Originally written 10/27/2011

Shift in Blog Posts

I have been randomly and more seldomly blogging but with a renewed energy I'm going to be posting some poetry I created during 5Rhythms sweats.  Exposing my innermost thoughts on the Internet is a bit scary, but I figure.  Why not?  Over the next few weeks I will post some poetry Ive done, along with photos from the Art Installations I've created to celebrate our holiest of prayers.  The Dance.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Step Away From the Light

Step away from the light
      Step away from the light
                             Step away from the light
   right now
Pass the shadows of twilight into the darkness of the new moon
Find the answers you seek in the dark
There are treasures worth facing the darkness
Don’t worry too much; the moon is still there, even if you don’t see her
The fact of the matter is, she is actually in your very own shadow.
Think about it
No, don’t think about it.
Take a hypodermic needle full of music and let ‘er rip.
Don’t forget to breathe
Don’t act
Follow whatever body part is speaking the loudest
Is your arms or your belly or heart?
Let it serve as your guide in the darkness.
You will know where you are without any light.
Lose track, be disorganized, in the end it none of this really matters, 
When we are under the ground or ashes in the wind, it will be far too late.
                             Step away from the light
                                Step away from the light
                                  Step away from the light