Tuesday, June 10, 2014

J+Ts Shower

Flower Themed Invites 

Flower Themed Guest List

New Shade Structure

Upcycled Frames

These were 25 cents each

Pool Swim Ready

Our Helper

Applique Coffee Cups

Plant the succulents

More Flowers for a Flower Life

Ready for a new home?

Flower Factory

I felt like a fairy godmother when I made these

To make it easier I used a tray

To catch the extra soil

All Done

Morning Light

Upcycled Frames with Instagram Signs

Fresh Lavender.  I made bouquets for the bride, my sister-in-law and two aunts.

Give Advice to the Newlyweds Game:
Really quite funny.  Have guests fill out and have bride and groom read.
For Jessica: 
When Trevor doesn’t  ______________________________
don’t ______________________________________________.

For Trevor:

When Jessica asks _______________________ make sure
you say __________________________________________.

For Jessica + Trevor:

Don’t forget to________________________________________
before you __________________________________________.

Special Message:

Lemonade Stand

Paper Straws

Our Garden

Cooking Area

Bliss Dome

Poolside Eatery

Banquet Dining

Bliss Dome - Chillax!

Lemonade Stand

Lavender Lemonade, Paper Straws
You can see how we used the upcycled frames

Floral Table decor are take home gift for guests

Moonrise on a romantic evening

Yummy Cupcakes

LOTS of dishes :)

The morning after we enjoyed the bliss dome 

Weekend ended too soon.