Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bring Your Compassionate Heart into Life Everyday

Amaze the Fuck out of YourSELF
Don't bother to worry about what others think.
At the end of your life, they won't have your regrets,
they will have their own to worry about
Put your arms around yourself as if you were your Loved Ones
and don't be ashamed to admit
you still would like a stuffed bunny, or doggy or owl
to sleep with at night
a pillow to cradle your fears and ambitions
and a place to whisper your dreams

Blow your Own Mind
Every single Day
Do something, anything, even if it is small
to please your soul.
Your soul is hungry, and she needs you
to sustain her throughout her lifetime.
Surprise yourself with kindness for yourself.

Be kind and gentle,
but don't confuse that with 
allowing others to use you as a doormat.
They can wipe their feet at the door on the way into Your self, or 
show them the door.

open Your heart
tear away the bonds that have held You prisoner
and release the weights that hold You underwater
and float to the top, towards the light and gasp for air
each and every day of Your life.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Eye Lock Switcharoo

When driving down the street, do you ever make eye contact with someone standing on the corner and really connect?  This morning I passed an elderly woman in a wheelchair with a young child waiting for a bus.  We made eye contact and smiled.  I wondered, what were the circumstances of her life that brought her to that moment.  Not just that morning, but from the moment of her inception to the moment our eyes locked?

What if in the blink of an eye we switched places?  And for an hour or a day or a week we could experience each other's lives.  Even if in our imaginations.

What if?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

even there, there are dishes to wash

washing machine stops just as the dishwasher starts
a life so full of life
endless cooking and dishes and laundry
and family and friends that are family
and arms to hug and voices to sing and feet to dance and mouths to eat,
cinnamon goodies that crumble and get all over the place.
There is never enough time to do everything but you try
and your back hurts and your feet ache
and sometimes you miss the sunset, but
sometimes you take time out to really see
the ocean and the mountains and a small town where the pace is
very slow
but even there, even there, even there
there are dishes to wash, laundry to fold,
cats to feed and pet and cuddle goodnight

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Club Challenge - what I found when I focused on the truth

Think about all the little white lies you tell all day every day.   We all do, but like masturbation, no one wants to fess up.  So when we came up with the book club challenge to consciously tell the truth all day I was petrified.  Here is what I learned in 24 hours about truth:   

I enjoy speaking truth (when it suits me)

I feel frustrated when (I perceive) my truth was not well received  

When I resist the truth I become passive

I feel deep guilt when I do things to please myself , 
           do it anyway, 
                            but become deceptive with intent

I delight in the role of impartial observer, and the interesting body sensations it creates

I find great humor within adherence to and observation of truth

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Mama

I wrote this in 1998 as a mother's day present for my mom.  I post it as a birthday present to her on what would have been her 89th Birthday. 

I look down at my hands and think.  “Whose hands are these?  
    Certainly not mine, they look like Blanche’s.”
freckly spots
creases and lines
worn fingernails
smooth touch
caring and loving

I look in the mirror at my face and think.  "Whose face is this?  
       Certainly not mine, it looks like Blanche’s”
laugh lines
furrowed brow
more freckly spots
classic beauty
a few stray gray hairs

I look into my eyes and think.  "Whose eyes are these?  
    Certainly not mine, they look like Blanche’s”
a certain sparkle

I look into the eyes of my son and think.  "Whose child is this?  
    Certainly not mine, he looks like Blanche’s” 

I look into my heart and think.  "Whose heart is this?  
       Certainly not mine, it looks like Blanche’s” 


Mom & Artie 1993

Mom, Artie & Ralphy 1994

Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Art of Dance

I am A self-taught collage artist, I use found or discarded articles in new and exciting ways.  I hope the Vintage items awaken memories and create room for thought and inspiration.  I love freecycle, garage sale, & flea market finds. I love to rescue well-loved items that call to me and make them new again. I love to incorporate nature and collect from my garden.  I believe art is everywhere, waiting to be discovered.  I strive and pray to be a creative service, between the divine, mother earth, and my community.

I began installation art actively about four years ago at weekly workshops and Sunday Sweat Your prayers.  I am honored to provide artwork to inspire dancers and teachers to take more to the dance floor for a deeper experience and benefit of the 5Rhythms sweat. Most of my art disappears into ether when the dance is finished.   The slide show is representative of my art and the creative process I go through.  My inspiration is my own dance practice, intuitive-empathic wisdom and a touch point with the 5Rhythms instructor on a theme or topic.   Installation art is a sacred blessing and prayer that supports my 5Rhythms practice.  

This is the first time I created permanent art.  

Here are some descriptions and photos!

Gabrielle evolved over several years.   Heartbeat and cycles workshops took me on a deep dive into myself, my relationship with my 5Rhythms tribe and the community that is formed around 5Rhythms tribes all over the globe.  This collage represents the love in my heart for my Sacramento 5Rhythms tribe and my personal 5Rhythms practice.  I am grateful to those who inspired me, including Gabrielle Roth, Bella Dreizler, Juliette Kunin, Masayo benoist, and Kathie webb.  $200

Traversing Treacherous Territory
Traversing Treacherous Territory A woman lost in her dreams finds a way to break free of the bonds of the past, fear, and self-loathing to find love and personal freedom.  This is the largest piece in the dreamcatcher series. $150

Devoted Sisters
Have you ever seen such devoted sisters?  My son found this Bjørn Larsen print in the back of a garage at an estate sale.  Even in its marred state, the powerful image of sisters joined at the hip spoke to me.  Dedicated to my soul twin and sister, Jean Rose, I hoped to capture the tangled and complicated relationship between sisters.   $150  

Dream catcher series are my take on Native American art 
Blackbird’s flight into the ether:  $25 (sold)
Sweet Dreams:  $10 
Night Light:  $60 (sold)

Little Alters Series are my take on Día de Muertos scenes that are meant for dance inspiration.  $10-20 each

I am donating 50% of what I sell to Movement as Medicine fund raiser for dance healing.  Whatever I don't sell at second Saturday I will continue to donate portion of my sales until September 28, the date of MAM event.  

Little Alters

Night Light

Little Alters

Best Western Ashtray
Larry's frames

Into Ether

Sweet Dreams
Into Action

Monday, July 1, 2013

Birthday Kindness - pay it forward

Through habit, not thoughtlessness my birthday gift giving comes at odd times.  Either too early or far too late designer boutique, artisan faire or garage sale treasures will find their way into the hands of friends and loved ones accompanied by a handmade card or poem.  And so onto today’s topic.  (actually Saturday’s)

Through the wonderment of social networking, my dear niece’s 40th birthday wish was to pay some kindness forward.  From the lips of the most kind, most gentle soul on the planet.  So touch, so moved, I was paralyzed in the realization that although I had known her birthday was fast approaching I failed (yet again) to get her a timely birthday gift, much less one worthy of a milestone like 40.

Now you all realize I have a credit card and am not afraid to use it.  I could still send an extravagant birthday floral arrangement last-minute.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  NO.

 My gift
    my gift
        my gift is a blank canvas,
 a blank canvas to start life anew, at 40 and then every day after.