Sunday, January 8, 2012

Firsts and Lasts

Last tea bag from Empress Hotel, a gift from a dear friend the cup drained to the last drop, leaving only tea stains on the porcelain.
First taking back our darling girl to dorm after the long holiday break.  Does she have enough supplies to last until we see her again?
First 2012 trip to the farmer's market.  Coho salmon, brussel sprouts, kale (lots and lots of kale), oranges that weigh a pound and a half, sweet and juicy and the first of the Paige tangerines. 
Last of the holiday sweets.  Is it a waste to just toss them?  They will most likely be found at the work coffee station tomorrow.

First breath of day, inhale the hope this sunny day brings  families together in harmony. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Michey's Canon

In lieu of New Year's Resolutions, I am creating a canon to follow my whole life long.
  • Be appropriately perfumed and costumed at all times in case the the opportunity to dance appears out of thin air.
  • Be so comfortable with yourself that you never worry if other people think you are absurd.
  • Be open to see the truth that those that surround you offer. 
  • Laugh in the presence of absolute impossibility and take action in spite of your fears.
  • Nothing is too sacred to laugh at.
  • Laugh more than socially acceptable.
  • Live in light and sunshine.
  • Work can be play if you let it.
  • Let kindness be foremost in intention when living, working and playing with others.
  • Eat the food your body craves to be healthy and happy.
  • Listen for your Spirit Guides and the wisdom they provide.
What do you have working in your life?