Friday, June 15, 2012

let go of Letting Go

Five days of excruciating pain.  Low back wrung like a wet mop.  Release, let go!

Deep water spirits hear my prayer, and shoot through me like a fire-hose…   A water healer prescribes a shot in the ass and bright orange light enters my solar plexus.  I let, go… I      let   go   ,  let go,  let       go

Lovely dancing spirits, call me to the healing waters to dance and bend and stretch with them.  “Come to the water, Let Go!  Heal with us!   Tell us, what does your body say?”

The heart connection with my tribelets, my dearest friend on the planet or stay home OR mend in quiet repose.  Tears flow through my broken heart.  What should I do?  A good night’s sleep and early morning is full of possibility….

Greeted by the day and a thirsty kitty, kitty wants w-a-t-e-r?  mmmmm-rrrrouuu-water?  I hesitate to creak down pick up the deep blue bowl.  My body screams” noooooooooooooooooooooo  Stay home.  Rest.” it tells me, “Let your heart break, let go of  Letting Go.”

With wings of a yellow-headed blackbird, I send you my news.  Let Go!

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