Monday, July 1, 2013

Birthday Kindness - pay it forward

Through habit, not thoughtlessness my birthday gift giving comes at odd times.  Either too early or far too late designer boutique, artisan faire or garage sale treasures will find their way into the hands of friends and loved ones accompanied by a handmade card or poem.  And so onto today’s topic.  (actually Saturday’s)

Through the wonderment of social networking, my dear niece’s 40th birthday wish was to pay some kindness forward.  From the lips of the most kind, most gentle soul on the planet.  So touch, so moved, I was paralyzed in the realization that although I had known her birthday was fast approaching I failed (yet again) to get her a timely birthday gift, much less one worthy of a milestone like 40.

Now you all realize I have a credit card and am not afraid to use it.  I could still send an extravagant birthday floral arrangement last-minute.  I stopped dead in my tracks.  NO.

 My gift
    my gift
        my gift is a blank canvas,
 a blank canvas to start life anew, at 40 and then every day after.