Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sunday's Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market season is about to launch into spring. As a regular market goer I tend to get peeved at those fair weather shoppers who don't realize that this is basically my grocery store. I've been working on some helpful hints, that seem obvious but I think need to be posted at the entrance of the market every spring.

1) Although there are no check out stands, there are informal lines. Wait your turn to pick your produce or pay for your food items. It is just merely polite. Last Sunday an older lady practically snatched a bunch of carrots out of my hands. I was flabbergasted.

2) The market isn't going to be cheaper than Costco. It isn't nice to tell the farmer that has toiled with love and devotion to bring these wonderful foods to us.

3) Please leave your cute doggies at home unless they're an assistant.

4) It is great to bring kids to the market. We brought our son for years (untill the teen years prevented him from leaving the bed until high noon). Make it an adventure! Get them involved with the cooking of whatever foods they pick out. It'll be fun and they'll love it and love you. That being said, please feed your kids something healthy before you come to the market. I feel sorry for the hungry-screaming kids who don't get to enjoy shopping for their own food because they're hungry and they want a sweet roll and their mommy or daddy say NO. It is painful to see.

5) If you smoke, please don't smoke anywhere around the food market. Smoke travels and it is gross.

6) If you run into someone you know (we invariably do), step out of the lanes of traffic or out of line and have a nice chat. Think of it as a community building exercise.

7) It is wonderful to ride your bike to the market. Please park and lock your bike.

8) If you have a stroller/wheelie cart thingy. Please, please, please don't block the line (see 1). Be aware of your surroundings. Don't bump people or run over their feet. If you do, you may consider apologizing rather than giving 'the look'.

9) Be careful of accepting counterfit. I've seen fake 10s going around last year. The grower/farmers aren't responsible and there is no use of being mad at them if you get one. Check your money.

10) Observe the traffic rules. Why do you have to go "in" the "out only?

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