Saturday, April 23, 2011

Salad Club RULES

I started Salad Club in April 2010. My inspirations and motivation for founding such a club? A friend and really groovy heath-nutty gal started eating salad every day for lunch and within a few months noticeably lost a bunch of weight. (I couldn't hardly belive it). A group of gals at work get together and share food and ate lunch regularly. Their laughter and deep connection was envious. Lastly, fresh salads at my work cafeteria cost like $8.00. So I figured for $8.00 I can make a heck of a salad. So salad club was born.

My groovy-chica friend and another health-minded seriously demented friend and co-worker (you know who your are *deb*) get together on Tuesdays for lunch every week. We have some rules but that was just being silly and copied off the "Fight Club movie. The main thing is we get together, share a meal and talk about healthy eating. The topics range from our husbands, children, pets.... Healthy beauty products, supplements, recipes and healthy eating strategies. Sometimes we even talk about.... work. (no really)

In February 2011 I started working with an integrated health professional and am transitioning to eating a plant-based diet... This raw, vegan-ish diet has sent me on a heck of a journey. Mindful eating has been a huge challenge for me. I realized I wasn't listening to my own body's wisedom and am slowly learning what many most folks probably do naturally. When am I full? What foods provide nutrition and health to my body? What foods give pleasure, but are unhealthy for mind, body and spirit? All these questions -- all these answers.

What I want to say is yesterday I wore the brand new pair of jeans that I couldn't hoist over my fabulous derriere a year ago. One thing for sure I've learned -- change for this 51-year-old woman comes slowly. Looking at one year ago how much I've changed it seems tremendous.

What is my new challenge? I look out the window and see all the possibilities a year from now will bring. All from just eating salad.

Salad Club RULES

1st RULE: You do not talk about SALAD CLUB.

2nd RULE: SALAD CLUB starts at 12 noon on Tuesday, LPW, 2685A. (moved to EAI War Room and time changed to 11:30)

3rd RULE: Show up with a salad and a beverage.

4th RULE: Sharing of toppings is encouraged, but not required. Please place toppings to be shared in a designated sharing area.

5th RULE: There must be at least two vegetables must be in every salad. All vegetable salads are encouraged.

6th RULE: Please dress appropriately as set-down by "The Benevolent Oracle" when attending SALAD CLUB. Shirts and shoes are encouraged.

7th RULE: Salad eating will go on as long as we still have teeth.

8th RULE: If this is your first lunch at SALAD CLUB, you MUST eat salad.


  1. Yum...Salad Club. Guess this means the rules are codified and ready to be broken!!! Thanks for starting this wonderful weekly event. It's good for the body and good for the soul - and much cheaper than a real therapist.

  2. 1st RULE: You do not talk about SALAD CLUB. But blogging about it is totally cool... ;P Some my fave salad toppings: cashews, avocado, grapefruit (goes surprisingly well with vinagrettes...) I make a salad dressing that is maybe a little sweet but it's oil, vinegar, spices and canned whole cranberry sauce. Fresh spinach and spicy cashews... yum. :)