Saturday, April 26, 2014

You think you can't dance?

You may say you can't dance.  That may be true.  There are talented dancers.  These athletes put in years of work to present artistic renditions, tell stories, amaze and entertain.  We all feel good after witnessing these fabulous artists.

5Rhythms is a whole other kind of dance.   It is the kind of dance that a Jewel writes about in a beautiful poem.  It is the kind of dance that isn't about entertainment or impressing anybody.  It is the kind of dance where each dancer creates their own medicine.  It is a flux vortex celebration of vibrant life heals what ails you kind of dance. 

You may say you can’t dance. So, well maybe that’s true

But maybe you can.  A dance can be any kind of movement.  Even if the dance is the slightest movement of your pinky finger, light as a feather.

4-23-14 5Rhythms Installation

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