Saturday, December 17, 2011

My December 2011 Star Chart

A crazy day after a crazy day after a crazy day after crazy day after crazy day.
Grumpy and cranky,
Shook off the Mercury-retrograde crazies.
Headed to the party of the year in a cape.
Rocking a side pony-tail and my owl totem.
Brought my heart home.
Sharp wasabi, tang of tonic water
A cat purring madly ontop of art and poetry
Books from a haunted house
A mystery man in ray-bans and top-coat
A Rock, a crystal, and my phone in my bra
Soft Sweetness between lady fingers, ladies' fingers
Celebrating Generations of Love and the Light the Solstice will soon bring
Cats co-conspiring to tear open the cat-food-bag,
  even though there is food in the dish.
Macaroni & Cheese midnight-snack
Grumpy and cranky on the inside, sweet and smiling on the outside.
Agridulce like the dark chocolate covered pretzels.
What day is it anyway?

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