Saturday, November 19, 2011

Casilada Way Estate Sale

Hunky hubby and I just got home from an estate sale from the neighbor down the block. The husband and wife couldn’t keep up the big house and yard anymore and moved to smaller quarters.  It was sad to see a lifetime's accumulation, reduced to left-over pieces of clutter. We brought home pieces of their lives to clutter our own.  Some were practical items, a 1/3 stainless steel measuring cup and sugar and creamer set.  I don’t know why but I can’t stop myself from buying sugar and creamer sets, especially if I see the creamer on her own, or the sugar without the lid.  Like a widow lost without her mate.  I was happy to see them together, some sugar, like life, still clinging to the inside.  An ancient rock collection, carefully cataloged in egg cartons, an owl statue and matchbook from a wedding back in 1985.  I wonder if Lorrie and Russ are still together, like the sugar and creamer set?  I found a La Boulangerie trivet, a well loved set of jacks and an anthology of poetry.  How easily I can get lost in poetry.  As we were leaving, I went digging through fabric scraps for inspiration and fabric for my collage installations; I came across some original batik prints in florals, dragons, crane and abstracts.  The homeowner, a local Sacramento artist, practiced her prints on old sheets before printing.  So I added those to my pile, and brought them home to include in the clutter as well.    

It is getting chilly and the air growing dark.  I ignored my housework for awhile, to jot down a couple words here.  I wanted to share the sadness of lives changing, as the autumn season grows to winter.  Honor those that came before us, lite a candle in their honor.   And make their clutter mine.

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  1. Awww....lovely post. I wish they had sales like that's something I miss a lot! Garage sales, thrift store, estate sales and the like. :-(