Thursday, August 4, 2011

Wednesday Lemonade

Rounding the corner home from work last night, was a lemonade stand.  It’s been there for the last few Wednesdays, really since school let out.  With a rather loose business plan, two 8 year old entrepreneurs sell lemonade for 50¢ a glass.  Just pull over to the curb and get out your quarters. I will say it is about the best lemonade I’ve ever had.  Slightly effervescent, lemony without being over-sweet with a light mint flavor.  The girls are dressed appropriately, yellow or lemon themed matching shirts and yellow ribbons in their hair.  While they wait for customers they sit at a little picnic table and draw or read.  Sometimes they climb the big tree in the front yard and swing from its branches from a rope-swing.  I like to visit with them, ask how the summer is going, visit with the neighbors as they stop off and buy lemonade.  The summer air, the laughter, is quite magical.  It is almost as if the lemonade is an elixir, somehow each sip brings me back, closer to my youth.  Yesterday I even got a fairly accurate portrait.  Imagine, in this day and age, with all the troubles and strife in the world, there is this simple joy.  Imagine a hot summer’s day and you’re really, really thirsty? Imagine a glass of lemonade from a paper cup, neighborly chit-chat, friendship, sun setting, slight breeze, lemony heart filled joy. Imagine all the worry and care from the world washed away, even for just a few minutes.  If you’re in my neighborhood Wednesday, stop by and get some lemonade.  

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