Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Random stuff inside my head.

  1. Teachers, this is senior year. There are 21 days to graduation. Please give me a break.  Stop giving these kids mindless, useless projects that are busy work.  I'm serious.
  2. We are having a graduation party and so are a majority of the other kids in the world who are graduating.   Ours will be the best.
  3. The most irritating thing I hear now is "MOM?!" 
  4. The thing I will miss most in August is "MOM?!"
  5. I've been secretly buying lotto tickets hoping I'll win just enough to pay for college, take a trip to Hawaii and remodel my bathroom.
  6. Glee trumps blogging.
  7. I will never be caught up on my laundry or paperwork.
  8. I cried at work today for the first time in many years.
  9. I call myself a vegetarian except for I still love ham and hot dogs.
  10. Sometimes when I'm at work I really want to go home and check on my cats.

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